• Music recording covers everything from solo singers performing with backing tracks to bands, with projects ranging from two or three song demos to complete album recordings. As well as complete recording-to-CD master projects, we work with musicians using home recording set-ups, providing facilities to record, for example, drums or vocals which cannot be recorded at home. We're suppliers to two of the leading companies offering recording gift experiences, and gift sessions can also be booked directly from the studio.
• Location recording includes choirs, solo piano, string quartets and other ensembles, as well as live gigs by bands and solo performers.
• Microphones include Neumann U87, AKG414, Sennheiser E604, AKG D112 and Shure SM57. Outboard includes Lexicon, TC Electronics, TL Audio and Drawmer.
• Instruments include Gibson, Fender, Takamine, Hofner and Epiphone guitars and basses, Korg and Yamaha keyboards, Marshall, Fender, Ampeg and Vox amps, and a Pearl drumkit.


Spoken word projects include TV, radio, podcasts, audio books and educational materials. Recording is direct to hard disk, typically using an industry standard Neumann U87 microphone. The vocal booth is large enough to accommodate a number of speakers at once, while still being acoustically "dead". Editing is "non-linear" - ie non-destructive - thus all edits can instantly be undone, and different versions created for comparison. Related services include the creation of sound effects and ambient sounds, as well as music composition. The studio maintains a sound effects library, as well as a database of local voiceover artists. For more information on audiobook recording please click here.
. Clients include:

• BBC TV and Radio
• Steel Spyda - for National Geographic Channel and Channel 5 TV
• Getty Museum, Los Angeles, California
• Acoustiguide - for Museum of Modern Art, New York
• Cambridge University Press
• Penguin Random House Audiobooks
• Interscience TV company - for German broadcaster ZDF
• Hart McLeod/Lightbox - for Department of Education MYLO programme


Latest News

Something a bit different - recording a hand pan with Sreeraj, which sounds rather like this:
Sreeraj (Handpan) Ft. DNA Creative

Currently working with Orphean Sprig and Thursday's Band on new recordings.


Audio samples:

Star Country: "Houdini"

Corpus Christi College Choir: "Ave Verum Corpus"

Kelly and Woolley: "Cuckoo Tree"

Radio 4 Trailer: Roger Law

Christopher Stunt: "A Fairly Classical String Quartet" (2nd mvt)

The Beached Boys: "Surfin' USA"